Gone Away

Story posted: Monday, 19. August 2013 by Website Administrator

I'm hopping that this move will be  good one thing for sure I do feel good about leaving the East Bay. This was my first weekend back at home it feels right to me I only need a place to live now. Then everything will be great i'm looking but nothing until Wednesday then I'll try to break out of this place in the fog.

The sun came out this morning but they are saying it might rain tomorrow I just can't see myself in this place in the rain so I got to get out fast I mean like with in the next two week I'm ready.

This will be my first week in two years without seeing my friend EE and I will admit I very sad about that because he was the one person who understood my feeling about getting out of Oakville without being to madd.

Well I miss my bed, first day in this place I lay down in that bad and I said omg it like sleeping in pudding to  soft so bad I woke up and felt like i had aged 20 years I'm on small sofar now and I'm happy.

I only need out of here and then everything will be great.


Keep an eye out and I will let you know how its going in the fog.

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