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Story posted: Wednesday, 21. August 2013 by Website Administrator

I guess it safe to say that most people don't like to go to the denist. But for me it not that way my dentist is great and treat me like a real person.

Now I had another dentist for a very long time and she was always selling something or telling you that you needed to buy something to push that bill up.

Well she gone and I now have Dr. Robert Ho who is one of the best in San Francisco, CA low key and he also teachs at UCSF so you know that he is the cream of the cream. Really you can't get any better you can find his photo on my site see if you can pick him out.  Then if you every are in need of a great dentist look him up you will be happy for sure. With no pain

So this was my first week back on SF side of the bay after two years in Oakland I can't tell you how happy I'm am to be back.


More to come next week I hope to move soon to my new place but I  need to find it soon.  Thanks for reading and  come back soon.

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