The Chair in the Window

Story posted: Thursday, 22. August 2013 by Website Administrator

In this place

From this place that I'm staying I can see this chair and cars passing all day if I look down the hill I'll see the Pacific Ocean and its great.

I'm glad to have this space but I'm ready to go and get my own place is has been okay for a week but I have no desire to stay much longer I want my own things around me and maybe to see the news and So You Think You Can Dance I don't want much but I want more than this place has to offer.

There is something about this place that remind me of my childhood and I don't like it not so great so I'm ready to hit it and get out.

When the wind blows up here on this hill my computer run slow it almost like Oakland but there no TV whats up with that get me off this hill NOW!



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