60th Wedding Anniversary & Family Reunion

Story posted: Tuesday, 27. August 2013 by Website Administrator

This pass weekend i had the honor to meet a most lovely couple who have been together for 60th years. Mr. & Mrs Ted Espejo there very close family got together to honor there love of family and friends. The dance and ate great food and spoke of how this lovely couple has been the rock of there family.

I saw and heard from familys  from New York, Canada & Hawiia this sure told me that Mr. & Mrs Ted Espejo are love people. People spoke of the kindness and there goodness in giving to help and how they are always there if you need to speak.

It was a great job, and people for whom I was working for made me feel welcome and in everyway.   This is the kind or job every photographer want to do. Because when you leave you know that there are indeed some great people in this place called USA.

I said good night and left this young at heart couple on the dance floor doing the electric slid with there Grand-Grandchildren you can only hope in your life time to withness  sometime so wonderful with such nice people.

Good Night Mr. & Mrs. Ted Espejo and family.

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